Thursday, May 12, 2016

Offsite Kitchen Makeover

This is such a fun (unfinished) makeover for me to share. I had the chance to paint my parent's kitchen cabinets over the last couple of weeks. I was visiting my family for Greek Easter (Christos Anesti!) and flew out a little early to give it a much needed update. My parents built this house in 1989 and have not updated the kitchen much since moving in.  

First up: Remove the cabinet over the peninsula. It really closed off the kitchen and made it feel darker and smaller. If you were sitting at the bar you almost had to hunch over to talk to people in the kitchen. 
 And just like that the kitchen opened up a ton. 
To prep the cabinets for paint we cleaned them with a really strong de-glossing cleaner and then used liquid sander de-glosser. After the de-glosser dried I primed the uppers with a white and the lowers with a gray primer. I did 2 coats of primer and felt pretty comfortable that this was sufficient for potential bleed through.

We also removed, cleaned, and labeled all the hinges. I had the intention of spray painting them to match the hardware my parents chose but it didn't look good. It was too faux looking. We ended up finding the exact same hardware in the proper finish (satin nickel) and replaced them. There was only one cabinets that we needed to drill new holes for so I'll call that a win. 

After 2 coats of Kelly Moore Durabond cabinet paint, rehanging all the doors, lots of cussing, and some last minute touch ups this is where we ended up. 
They have already ordered the new counters and also my dad will finish installing all the hardware on the doors and drawers. My time just simply ran out. 
Ignore the half painted back splash. 
 I did install a couple of the knobs so we could see them up. Love love how it turned out. I love that you can see the texture of the woodgrain. 
 The new counter will be a white and grey quartz countertop. I can't wait to see it when its installed. I'll post more pictures once they are installed. 

After the counters go in and hardware is installed they will be tiling the backsplash, replacing the gigantic light with recessed lighting, and refinished the hardware floors. It will be a whole new kitchen!


  1. Pretty! Love the two colors

  2. The before and after pictures look almost like a whole new kitchen was created, and the counter space looks amazing. Thank you for showing how much taking down the peninsula cabinets creates an open look, and it also makes the peninsula more usable for prep work. My husband and I have the same type of kitchen, and I want to do a remodel like this.